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Calico Jacks The William Limited Model Pirate Ship 15
Not a Kit

Calico Jack's The William Limited Model Pirate Ship 15"

Overall Dims: 15" L x 4" W x 10" H

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famous ships
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SKU: William-LIM-15-Black-Sails

Calico Jack's The William Limited Model Pirate Ship 15"


Ready for Immediate Display - Not a Model Ship kit 

This Calico Jack's The William Limited 15" is a highly detailed model pirate ship. Search for lost treasure as you set sail for adventure on the high seas aboard this scale tall model ship replica. This unique pirate boat is highlighted by fine craftsmanship and attention to detail. Place this on a shelf, mantle, or desk to add a decorative pirate touch.  

15" Long x 4" Wide x 10" High

  • Built from scratch by our master artisans
  • Accurate scale model replica of the William
  • Detailed Features Include:                                                                                   
    • 12 pin stripe black sails         
    • Hand-painted traditional pirate colors black, and grey
    • Two metal anchors attached to each side of boat
    • Authentic scale lifeboat with oars
    • Unique skull pirate figurehead
    • Miniture lantern hangs from brass chain on back of boat
    • Jolly Roger flags hang along the masts of the ship                   
  • Metal nameplate attached to wooden base to identify the boat as the William


Calico Jack commanded the William, a small but fast twelve ton sloop during the action. Her armament was light, consisting of at least four cannons and at the time of battle carried thirteen crewmen including Jack, and two female pirates; Mary Read and Anne Bonney. Calico Jack was originally a privateer under Captain Charles Vane but soon after turned to piracy. In 1719, he sailed to New Providence to receive a pardon and a letter of marque from the governor of New Providence Captain Woodes Rogers. The War of the Quadruple Allegiance had begun and England hoped to make privateers of Caribbean brigands to fight the Spanish. Captain Jack was capable of receiving a pardon, but he did not receive a commission to attack the Spanish fleet.

Calico settled in New Providence, where he met Anne Bonny, but when his money was gone he returned to his life of crime. On August 22, 1720, Jack and thirteen others captured the William from Nassau harbor. In response, the Governor of Jamaica, Nicholas Lawes , directed Captain Jonathan Barnett to take two privateer sloops on a mission to hunt him down. One, the Tyger, was heavily armed with several guns and carried about twenty Royal Navy sailors and some British Army troops; the other also carried about twenty men, but did not participate in the battle.