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Riva Speedboat Models

Capture classic European luxury with our masterfully handcrafted Riva Aquarama speedboat models. One of Riva’s most popular premium speedboats, the Riva Aquarama has become a token of prestige and wealth in Europe. You can own the Riva Aquarama’s charm and sophistication today with our incredibly realistic Riva Aquarama model speedboats.

Whether showcased on a decorative display table or in a rosewood display case, any of our fully assembled Riva Aquarama model speedboats is an elegant addition to the home or office. Our remote control Riva Aquarama model speedboat is perfect for a vicarious dip in the water or the model boat racing aficionado.

The ideal gift for friends and colleagues, our Chris-Craft model speedboats are sleek, accurate, and affordable for all budgets.