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Capture the Ranger sailboat's power and beauty with our masterfully handcrafted Ranger sailboat models.  Our remarkably life-like Ranger model boats bring the exhilaration of the America’s Cup race to your desk top or living room with vibrant authentic colors, stunning woodwork, and elegance. 

Exclusively built by and offered at Handcrafted Model Ships, our pre- and fully assembled Ranger model boats are accurate, museum quality, and affordable.  Our limited edition Ranger model boats each feature countless additional details, supplementary riggings, extensive deck improvements, and a certificate of authenticity.

Whether showcased on a wall-mounted display shelf or a decorative display table, our Ranger model sailboat is the perfect gift for friends and colleagues.  From the compact 20” Ranger to the towering 44” Ranger Limited, our gallery of America’s Cup contenders is comprised of Ranger model boats of all sizes and for all budgets. 

Click on the pictures below to explore this timeless model sailboat collectible and her colorful history.

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