Handcrafted Model Ships After Christmas Sale
18 New & Exclusive Cruise Ships on Sale!

Royal Caribbean, Carnival and Limited Edition Cruise Ships with LED Lights are now on sale. Order now and take advantage of our reduced prices for a limited time only.
8 New LED Cruise Ships$699.99 $499.99
Queen Mary Limited 40" w/Lights
Lusitania Limited 40" w/Lights
SS United States Limited 40" w/Lights
Mauretania Limited 40" w/ Lights
Titanic 40" with Lights
Britannic Limited 40" w/ Lights
Aquitania Limited 40" w/ Lights
Olympic Limited 40" w/Lights

7 New Carnivals
$299.99 $149.99
Carnival Paradise 30"
Carnival Fantasy 30"
Carnival Imagination 30"
Carnival Inspiration 30"
Carnival Ecstasy 30"
Carnival Elation 30"
Carnival Fascination 30"
And 9 other Carival Models

3 New Royal Caribbeans
$299.99 $149.99
Jewel of the Seas 30"
Radiance of the Seas 30"
Serenade of the Seas 30"

Be sure to check our website as many other models are on sale and many new models are coming soon. Remember, all models are fully assembled and in stock.


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