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Ship Wheel Clocks
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For your house on the beach, a room in your home, or the boardroom of your office, the perfect nautical wall decor brightens the ambiance with the vibrant touch and grace of the sea. With fabulous wall decorating ideas and unique home decor, Handcrafted Nautical Decor invites you to explore wonderful options that are sure to make your home complete.

Wall Decor Models

From simple sophistication to detailed ship's wheel designs, our nautical wall decor offers a variety of quality timepieces. Spruce up your den with a gleaming wooden 12" Ship Wheel Clock, or enjoy the visually stunning Art-Deco design of the 11" Brass Porthole Clock. Whichever you choose, these clocks will brighten up your life with a distinct seafaring flare and, of course, always give you the correct time.

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