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Enjoy one of the true symbols of classic nautical life with one of Handcrafted Nautical Decor's amazing brass or copper lanterns. From the memory-invoking antiqued lanterns to historically-styled shining, polished brass lanterns, find the perfect seafaring light source for your home or office. Whether placed indoors or out, these fancy and fashionable lanterns glow with a rich, warm light, perfect for sitting back and reading your favorite nautical book or even for lighting the bridge of your very own ship.

  • Classic nautical style, modern functionality
  • Browse 6 styles priced from $139.99
  • Perfect nautical accessories for home, office, or outdoor use
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Electric Lighted Brass Lanterns
  • Nautical staples, modern styles
  • Browse 13 styles priced from $4.99
  • Finely detailed solid brass designs, perfect for actual use or decor
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Brass Lanterns
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