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Floor Standing Brass Griffith Astro Telescope 50

Floor Standing Brass Griffith Astro Telescope 50"

Overall Dims: 18" L x 15" W x 50" H

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Floor Standing Brass Griffith Astro Telescope 50"

The Hampton Nautical Astro Griffith Brass Telescope 50" with view finder is a beautiful solid brass refractor telescope mounted on a wooden tripod. This telescope is a fully functioning nautical masterpiece that can given as a gift for any occasion, or used to decorate your home, office or boat, a solid brass nautical gem that adds a shine to any room it graces.

Both the telescope and viewfinder are solid brass, with up to 12x magnification, and focusing is accomplished by adjusting the eyepiece ring on the telescope tube. A removable brass cap, connected by a chain, protects the objective lens when not in use.

The wooden tripod stand features smooth, polished round legs, each with solid brass fittings and a screw release to let you adjust the height. A solid brass chain holds the three wooden legs together so the telescope can maintain its position.

Dimensions: 18" L x 15" W x 50" H


  • 12X Magnification
  • Polished brass telescope body with viewfinder scope
  • Glass optics for a clear view (not plastic lenses)
  • Fully functional telescope focuses and magnifies
  • Sturdy wooden tripod supports telescope when viewing
  • Custom engraving/photo etching available: Logos, pictures or slogans can be easily put on any item. Typical minimum custom order is 100+ pieces. Minimum lead-time to produce and engrave is 4+ weeks. Custom engraving available on large quantity orders (call us for information)


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Additional Information

Brighten your home or office with one of these fabulous brass spyglass antique telescopes for sale. Classically constructed from gleaming brass, this astronomical telescope will show you the stars. Perfect for a living room with a wonderful view of the night sky, this brass telescope with tripod legs sits beautifully on its own, and will delight you with the discoveries you may find. More powerful than the telescope Galileo used, this brass spyglass will let you explore the stars as well as the world around you. Add an air of sophistication and an elegant work of art to your home with this historically essential sailing tool, and transform any room into a wonderful ship’s bridge with your very own fine brass spyglass.