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Solid Brass Navy Pocket Compass 3

Solid Brass Navy Pocket Compass 3"

Overall Dims: 3" L x 3" W x 1" H

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brass compass
brass compass
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SKU: CO-0630A

Solid Brass Navy Pocket Compass 3"

The Hampton Nautical Brass Navy Pocket Compass is truly a great gift to any nautical or Royal Navy enthusiast. Inspired by authentic compasses, the cover of this replica solid brass compass reads Made for Royal Navy and London, and features a ship collage in the middle. The brass compass face features the words Liverpool, Pepperland, Blue Meanies and Butterfly Stompers, referencing the location and nicknames of the Royal Navy and Marine squadrons to whom it was issued. 

  • Polished brass housing for compass
  • Jeweled needle-bearing offers smooth movement
  • Inscribed lid features a Royal Navy fighting tall ship

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Additional Information

Sail out into the warm blue ocean, sunny skies shining on gleaming wooden decks, and the cool breeze blowing through the sails. Take this antique marine compass on your journey and plan an adventure, or simply let go of the world and glide out into freedom. Our marine compasses are designed with aesthetics and durability in mind, polished brass standing up to the weather while adding an elegant touch to your ship. Find your bearing with your antique brass compass, then close your eyes and feel the refreshing sea spray as you fly through the waves. Whether you are in the brilliant Caribbean, the tranquil Mediterranean, or sailing into the deep red sunset of the South Pacific, this antique marine compass will guide your way. Experience the ocean as it’s meant to be, like untold sailors before you, and live life on the high seas. Surrounded by the beautiful expanse of ocean, deep blue as far as you can see, venture out to find your true self and always find your way home with your antique marine compass.