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Solid Brass and Wood Anchor Book Ends

Solid Brass and Wood Anchor Book Ends

Overall Dims: 6" L x 4" W x 6" H

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nautical decorations
nautical decorations
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SKU: BE-2113

Solid Brass and Wood Anchor Book Ends

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This set of 2 Hampton Nautical Brass Anchor Bookends is a great addition to any bookcase or shelf. These sturdy bookends are made of rare Shisham wood with a smooth polished finish. Each wood bookend features a solid brass anchor and a decal of a ships wheel on the side. The corners of the wood bookend feature L shaped brass fittings and rounded corners in the front. To protect your furniture, the bottoms are lined with thin green felt.

6" Long x 4" Wide x 6" High

  • Rare Shisham wood polished to a smooth finish
  • Handcrafted from solid wood and brass
  • Felt bottom will not scratch shelf or tables surface

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