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Speed Boat Models

Designed for pure grace, agility, and seamless speed at sea, Handcrafted Model Ships offers a fabulous collection of some of the most legendary Speed Boats in history. Enjoy the futuristic design of a 32” Ferrari Hyrdoplane, soak in the classic style of the 14” Chris Craft Runabout, or proudly display the luxurious 32” Riva Aquarama model speed boat. Find the perfect Speed Boat for your collection, office, or home décor, and enjoy its stylish charm and nautical sophistication forever.
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Chris Craft
11 Choices
Chris Craft11 choices from $39.99
Ferrari Hydroplane
Ferrari Hydroplane2 choices from $499.99
12 Choices
Riva12 choices from $39.99
Remote Control Speedboats
15 Choices
Remote Control Speedboats15 choices from $59.99
Pre 1940s Speedboats
4 Choices
Pre 1940's Speedboats4 choices from $799.99
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Chris Craft