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Mercury Limited 38
Not a Kit

Mercury Limited 38"

Overall Dims: 38" L x 13" W x 32" H

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Mercury Limited 38"


Ready for Immediate Display - Not a Model Ship kit 

Finely-crafted details and museum-quality features define these Limited Edition scale replica tall ship models of the Mercury. Devoted attention to historical accuracy ensures that every detail on the Mercury matches the Russian Navy’s famous fighting tall ship. As the centerpiece of a den, office or meeting room, or perhaps setting a patriotic nautical tone for a family living room or corporate boardroom, this Limited Edition tall model ship is certain to inspire with her indomitable spirit and patriotic history. 

38" Long x 13" Wide x 32" High (1:32 scale)

  • Built from scratch over hundreds of hours by our master artisans
  • High quality woods include cherry, birch, maple and rosewood
  • Individual wooden planks used in hull construction
  • Meticulous painting accurately matches the real Mercury
  • Museum Quality features not available in other tall ship models under $3,000 or any kit
    • Real copper-strip plated hull (not painted on) like the actual Mercury (done to prevent shipworms from destroying the wood hull)
    • Handcrafted rosewood eagle on the stern
    • Highly detailed deck features, cannon carriages, painting and more
  • Extensive rigging features over 200 blocks and deadeyes
  • Metal anchors weigh aside the bow
  • Cannon carriages tied-down to deck to reduce recoil
  • Other Amazing Details, including:
    • Planked deck with nail holes
    • Authentic scale lifeboats
    • Rudder chains, cannonball racks
    • Solid brass cannons and metal anchors
    • Additional deck details such as cannon balls, barrels, etc.
    • Masterfully stitched, heavy canvas sails hold shape and do not wrinkle
    • Taut rigging with varied thread gauge and color
  • Wooden display base features four arched dolphins
    • Pictured with marble base (available for purchase)
  • Extensive research of original plans, historical drawings and paintings as well as actual photographs ensures the highest possible accuracy

The Mercury (a 20-gun Brig) that was laid down in Sevastopol on January 28, 1819, and designed as a patrol ship to guard the Northern Caucasus coast. Built of Crimean oak, with a shallow draught and equipped with oars, the Mercury was launched on May 7, 1820 and disassembled on November 9, 1857. In this it differs from other Brigs of the Russian Navy at the time; other Brigs were not built this way because a shallow draught limited and lowered the maximum speed considerably. Oars were also seen as disadvantageous. This difference resulted from the fact that its original task was considered unique among its designers.

The Mercury fought in several significant naval battles during its existence. One of the most notable of these battles involved a battle between the Mercury (which was, at the time, commanded by lieutenant A. Kazarsky) and two other brigs against a sizable complement of approximately 14 Turkish ships, who were returning from the shores of Anatolia. Turkish victory was at first foreseeable, but the tides of battle changed, and the Mercury was able to escape after a final, powerful assault by the three brigs, ending the conflict.

After the conflict had ended, one of the navigators of the Turkish ships made a comment commending the Mercury for her seaworthiness, and the captain for his bravery:

If in the great deeds of ancient or our times there are the feats of bravery, so this act put the others in the shade and the name of a hero should be wrote by the gold letter in the shrine of glory: the captain was Kazarsky, and the name of this brig was “Mercury”