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Capture an exciting time in American history with our masterfully handcrafted Mayflower model ships.  The arrival of the Mayflower on the shores of America was a new beginning for courageous settlers in search of a better life.  Our remarkably life-like Mayflower model ships bring a rich sense of history and discovery to your desk top or living room with stunning woodwork and realistic canvas sails.

From the 20” Mayflower to the 28” Mayflower, our fleet is comprised of fully assembled Mayflower model ships of all sizes and for all budgets.  Perfect on your mantelpiece or as a gift to friends and colleagues, our Mayflower model ships are accurate, museum quality, and affordable.

The Mayflower and her passengers survived unforgiving seas and a cruel winter, and

we celebrate their spirit and triumph with our painstaking workmanship.  Our limited edition Mayflower model ships each feature countless additional details and a certificate of authenticity.  Showcased on a decorative display table or a wall-mounted display shelf, our Mayflower model ship is an elegant addition to the home or office.

Click on the pictures below to explore this uniquely timeless tall ship collectible and her story.

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