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Canoe Bookcase 86

Canoe Bookcase 86"

Overall Dims: 18.3" L x 9.8" W x 85.2" H

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coastal furniture
coastal furniture
SKU: MF007

Canoe Bookcase 86" Description

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An age-old hallowed tradition. Fraternities. Oxford, Cambridge, Yale, Harvard. Racing eights. An Olympic sport, upper class, academic, admired by the privileged, accessible to the very smart and highly athletic. These long, narrow and fast wooden racers were cut up in sections when retired. Transformed into bookcases they lined the halls and bars of fraternities the world over. Oars were painted with crests and races, names and dates, and wall-hung. AMís latest is an exact replica of a late 19th C. prow of a man-of-eight that once cut through the rippling waters of the inland Thames.

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