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Capture an exciting time in American history with our masterfully handcrafted CSS Alabama model ships.  Constructed during the Civil War, the CSS Alabama was a remarkably prolific Confederate commerce raider.

Our remarkably life-like CSS Alabama model ships bring that same exhilaration of the high seas to your desk top or living room with stunning woodwork and real canvas sails.  Perfect on your mantelpiece or as a gift to friends and colleagues, our CSS Alabama model civil warships are accurate, museum quality, and affordable.

Though best known for her defeat at the hands of the USS Kearsarge, the CSS Alabama had engaged in many battles prior

She had a truly remarkable career, with remarkable numbers for a tiny sloop-of-war: By the time of her scuttling, she had captured or destroyed 65 Union merchant ships, boarded nearly 450 ships, and taken more than 2,000 prisoners.

We celebrate her triumph and strength of spirit with our meticulous workmanship.  Our limited edition CSS Alabama model ship features countless additional details, an authentic copper hull, and a certificate of authenticity as only 25 will ever be made.  Showcased on a decorative display table or in a rosewood display case, our CSS Alabama model ship is an elegant addition to the home or office.

Click on the pictures below to explore this uniquely timeless civil warship collectible and her history.

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