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Pre 1955 Cruise Ship Models

Before transcontinental flight became commonplace, cruise liners were the only means of getting from one continent to the next. Around the turn of the century, two competitors fought for dominance over the lucrative Europe-America traffic: White Star and Cunard. Both companies are well represented here, as you find models of White Star's RMS Titanic, Britannic, and Olympic, and Cunard's Lusitania, Mauretania and Aquatania . These ships were the hallmarks of opulence, elegance, and luxury at sea at a time when cruise liners were the only way to travel. Sadly, many of these ships suffered violent calamities at sea and went down with massive casualties which further amplified their historical significance.

Handcrafted Model Ships also offers examples of ocean liners in the post-steam era, the SS United States and the SS Normandie. Any of these ocean liner models will look great in your home.