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Floor Standing Chrome Harbor Master Telescope 60

Floor Standing Chrome Harbor Master Telescope 60"

Overall Dims: 32" L x 25" W x 60" H

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Floor Standing Chrome Harbor Master Telescope 60
Floor Standing Telescopes
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Floor Standing Chrome Harbor Master Telescope 60"

 The Hampton Nautical Chrome Harbor Master Telescope 60" is a beautiful refractor telescope mounted on a durable tripod. This telescope is a fully functioning nautical masterpiece, adding class and sophistication to any room it graces, with a main scope of solid polished chrome that shines elegantly in the sunlight. Focusing is accomplished by adjusting the eyepiece ring on the telescope tube, with up to 15x magnification. A removable chrome cap, connected by a chain, protects the objective lens when not in use.

The tripod stand features smooth, polished legs, each with solid chrome fittings and a screw release to let you adjust the height. A solid chrome chain holds the three wooden legs together so the telescope can maintain its position.

Dimensions: 32" Long x 25" Wide x 60" High

  • 15X Magnification
  • Polished chrome telescope body
  • Glass optics for a clear view (not plastic lenses)
  • Fully functional telescope focuses and magnifies
  • Sturdy tripod supports telescope when viewing 
  • Custom engraving/photo etching available: Logos, pictures or slogans can be easily put on any item. Typical minimum custom order is 100+ pieces. Minimum lead-time to produce and engrave is 4+ weeks. 


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Additional Information

Following the Renaissance in Europe, the Age of Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution spurred both creativity and science, greatly advancing the design of the marine telescope. By 1758 better lenses was being used, greatly reducing blurriness while increasing magnification in marine telescopes. Using the newest lenses, and with the manufacturing capabilities of industrialization, the size of marine telescope was made manageable and the device became a common and essential tool, with brass telescopes for sale throughout Europe. During this time massive telescopes were being designed for astronomers, while the handheld marine telescope was developed for the navy. Additionally, the telescope became one of the five essential tools of sailing along with the hourglass, sextant, globe, and compass. Telescopes were used to survey the stars and plot courses, aiding in deciding the best and fastest possible routes at sea. Aside from navigation, the telescope lead to further developments in hydrography, becoming a powerful tool in this nautical surveying and charting, and collecting some of the earliest data on star positions across the seas.