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Brass Wall Anchor Bell 8

Brass Wall Anchor Bell 8"

Overall Dims: 7" L x 7" W x 8" H

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handbells for sale
handbells for sale
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SKU: BR1880

Brass Wall Anchor Bell 8"

With a graceful and classically curving shape accentuated by subtle pinstripes, this authentic-looking ship’s bell features a unique mounting plate in the design of a ship’s anchor. Polished to a lustrous shine and featuring a braided rope striking lanyard, this fully functional bell imparts a seafaring tone whether mounted as part of an interior room’s nautical décor or residing outside for actual use. For your satisfaction we offer a 100% money back guarantee, no hassle returns, in-store pickup, and professional packaging and inspections on all shipped items.

  • Solid Brass cast bell
  • Anchor-shaped Mounting Plate pre-drilled screw holes
  • Highly Polished to a lustrous shine
  • Braided Rope striking lanyard
  • Easily Mounted in any location
  • Full Rich Tone of this functional bell
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  • Custom Engraving available with quantity purchase

Add a personal touch to your purchase with our custom engraving and photo-etching options.

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  • 30 day minimum lead time
  • Detailed acid photo-etching

First developed during the Bronze Age, around 3000 BC, antique bells became an important part of history, used across the globe as signals and beacons for many purposes. The Chinese were the first civilization to make truly well crafted antique bells, though Europeans were not far behind. Used particularly for religious services and to mark the passage of time, Christians used antique bells for their most important announcements and services. In the 1400s, as the European powers of Spain and Italy began to explore the world by sail, the brass ship bell took on an essential roll aboard ships. For both safety and to signal other ships as well as sailors, the large brass bell was implemented, allowing for a deep, resonating ring that could be heard for miles at sea.

Additional Information

Combining two of the most significant tools and symbols in sailing, these ships bells for sale represent a fascinating nautical history. Both bells and anchors were developed in ancient times, and came to prominence aboard ships during the Middle Ages in Europe, as countries fought for supremacy by exploring and conquering the world by sea. The anchor came to symbolize strength and honor, and the safety of being at port and at home, while these antique ships bells came to stand for pride and excellence, shining examples of what sailors should aspire to. The ships bell was used for both safety in inclement weather, to alert the ship to an attack or collision, and to regulate the shifts of the sailors aboard. These ships bells for sale are crafted from solid brass, following the ancient tradition, using a metal that is both durable to the harsh conditions at sea and incredibly aesthetic. Each of these ships bells for sale exudes the tradition, history, and pride of sailing the seas, and is a work of art in itself.