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Brass Hanging Ships Navy Bell 8
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Brass Hanging Ships Navy Bell 8"

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Overall Dims: 7" L x 7" W x 8" H
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handbells for sale
handbells for sale
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Dimensions: 7" L x 7" W x 8" H

Brass Hanging Ships Navy Bell 8"

With a graceful and classically curved shape accentuated by subtle pinstripes, this authentic brass navy bell appears to have come straight from the decks of an actual navy vessel. Polished to a lustrous shine and featuring a braided rope striking lanyard, this fully functional brass navy bell imparts a patriotic nautical tone whether mounted as part of an interior room’s décor or residing outside for actual use.

  • U.S. Navy engraved on face of bell
  • Solid Brass cast bell
  • Highly Polished to a lustrous shine
  • Braided Rope striking lanyard
  • Easily Mounted in any location
  • Full Rich Tone of this functional bell
  • Custom Engraving available with quantity purchase

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Additional Information

For the nautical collector and enthusiast, no collection is complete without a ship’s antique bell. These small brass bells represent a foundational part of the history of sailing, from important warnings during fog and in times of war, to sounding for historic ceremonies aboard ship. Each antique bell is crafted from the finest brass, following traditional designs, and is the perfect compliment to any nautical collection. Used since the dawn of the Age of Sail the antique bell has become as much a useful tool as it has a symbolic image of a sailor’s life at sea. With this in mind this small brass bell makes the perfect give for a nautical collector, marking the time that you have shared together, and the times yet to come.