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Brass & Chrome Sextant Models

Based on Mathematics and triangulation, the sextant was a tool of unique power allowing sailors to navigate with unprecedented accuracy in the early Age of Sail. Handcrafted Nautical Décor is proud to offer these traditionally designed instruments, from the pocket-sized Sextant Paperweight to the impressive Micrometer Sextant, each a fully functional and beautiful reminder of the Age of Sail. Reproduced in gleaming solid brass, these beautiful nautical tools make an excellent addition to any home or office’s nautical décor. Find your perfect sextant, immerse yourself in the joy of life at sea, and guide yourself true as you follow the stars.

Whether you buy sextant, buy compass, or decide to purchase both, exploring our compass and sextant for sale has all the pleasure of reminiscing on the high seas. Owning a brass sextant or boat compass of your choice today is easy with our free shipping and 100% money back guarantee.

Discover the unique and classic look of our sextant and compasses for décor or as nautical gifts.