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Brass Plated Hand Bell 7

Brass Plated Hand Bell 7"

Overall Dims: 3.75" L x 3.75" W x 7" H

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handbells for sale
handbells for sale
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SKU: BL-2016

Brass Plated Hand Bell 7"

With a gracefully curved handle of dark hardwood accentuating the lustrously polished shine of its solid brass plated bell, this beautiful hand bell is a striking nautical décor addition to any room. The enticing design is complimented by a full, rich tone for this functional bell. For your satisfaction we offer a 100% money back guarantee, no hassle returns, in-store pickup, and professional packaging and inspections on all shipped items.

  • Solid Brass plated cast bell
  • Highly Polished to a lustrous shine
  • Stained Hardwood handle
  • Full Rich Tone of this functional bell
  • Quantity Discounts of 10% on orders of 20 or more, 15% on orders of 25 or more, and 20% on orders of 50 or more

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Additional Information

Aside from marking time and sailors’ shifts, these ships bells for sale became an important safety instrument aboard all sailing vessels. It became customary for a ship to toll its brass bell in fog and other inclement weather, alerting nearby ships as to relative locations. In 1858 according to British Navy Regulations, the custom of ringing a brass hand bell, like these ships bells for sale, during fog became mandatory in an attempt to improve safety, particularly near ports. These ships bells for sale were also used as an alarm to alert sailors to an attack on the ship or if there was a fire. During a fire the bell would be rung rapidly for a short time, followed by one to three rings to indicate the location of the fire; one ring for forward, two for mid-ship, and three for aft.