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Brass Bell 5

Brass Bell 5"

Overall Dims: 5" L x 4" W x 4" H

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handbells for sale
handbells for sale
SKU: BR18442

Brass Bell 5" Description

With a resonate tone more typical of bells two or three times its size, this solid brass bell sounds as beautiful as it looks. Complete with a braided rope striking lanyard and leaf-shaped mounting plate, this brilliantly polished and lustrously shined brass ship’s bell imparts a distinctive maritime feeling wherever it resides, whether hung outside as a functional bell or used as a décor item in a nautical themed room. For your satisfaction we offer a 100% money back guarantee, no hassle returns, in-store pickup, and professional packaging and inspections on all shipped items.

  • Solid Brass cast bell
  • Highly Polished to a lustrous shine
  • Braided Rope striking lanyard
  • Easily Mounted in any location
  • Full Rich Tone of this functional bell
  • Quantity Discounts of 10% on orders of 20 or more, 15% on orders of 25 or more, and 20% on orders of 50 or more

Aboard sailing vessels, one of the essential duties of a ship’s boy was to watch over the small brass bells and operate them by following a set of half-hour glasses, marking the time for the crew. With a set of eight small brass bells, the ship’s boy in charge of the hour glasses would strike a series of tones to mark shifts and the general time of day. Since this was not an exact science, noon was not marked by the hour glasses, but by the ship’s captain taking the reading of the sun depending on where the ship was in the world. These nautical bells became an essential part of sailing, as they marked and regulated the activities of the person at helm, aided in navigating by determining approximate distances traveled, and kept sailors alert to trimming the sails and keeping lookout. In conjunction with the hour glass, a ship’s small brass bells were the only means of telling time aboard a constantly moving vessel. Each of these ship bells for sale is crafted with this rich history in mind, with authentic detail and symbolic pride.

Additional Information

Transform your home into a coastal villa with the addition of one of these fabulous ships bells for sale, bringing the classic sound of sailing into your life. As anyone who has lived around ports will tell you, the ships bell is an intrinsic part of life at sea, a tool that has become a symbol of sailing itself. This brass ship bell is not only functional but highly aesthetic, gleaming and polished, ready to be placed proudly on display inside the home or on the patio. Bring the tranquil atmosphere of a small fishing village, or the foggy wonder of a historic coastal town into your life with a ships bell for your home. Each fabulous ships bell will instantly transport you to the sea side, with a gentle chime and beautiful tone reminiscent of youthful days spent playing on the docks.