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Large Iron Antique Port Green Ship Oil Lantern 14"

Overall Dims: 5" L x 5" W x 14" H

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oil lanterns
oil lanterns
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SKU: IR15281

Large Iron Antique Port Green Ship Oil Lantern 14"

Ideal for the nautical décor theme of any home or office, this antiqued navigation light is an accurate replica of a traditional oil lantern used aboard sailing and steam ships to help avoid collisions at sea. The brilliant green glass lens is mounted within a housing of highly polished copper, featuring a functioning hinged door and fully operable oil lantern.

5" Long x 5" Wide x 14" High

  • Accurate Replica oil lantern navigational lamp
  • Brilliant Green Glass denoting a ship’s starboard (right) side
  • Fresnel Lens shines great distances
  • Polished Copper Housing authentically styled
  • Hinged Door opens to access oil lamp
  • Functioning Oil Lantern just add oil (available separately)
  • Companion Red (Port) Lantern Available (purchased separately)